Arc, T.I.G, M.I.G & M.M.A Welding Specialists in Wolverhampton since 1991

Established in 1991, Megarweld Services Ltd stands as a reputable and seasoned welding solution provider. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering.

Specializing in Arc, T.I.G, M.I.G, and M.M.A welding techniques, we deliver precise and reliable welding services tailored to diverse industry needs. Our proficiency extends to fabrication welding, ensuring the creation of robust and intricate structures.

Megarweld excels in industrial on-site welding, offering prompt and efficient solutions for emergency situations and scheduled projects alike.

Furthermore, our expertise in tool & die welding showcases our precision in handling critical components.

With over five decades of experience, Megarweld is your trusted partner for a comprehensive range of welding services, marked by quality, reliability, and a commitment to client satisfaction.


For all your welding services contact us on 01902 305 556